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High speed, uninterrupted production of your equipment can only be sustained when you use highest quality consumables. All our products are manufactured under the most strict quality standards and offer an excellent price-performance ratio. 

Galvanized Stitching Wire

P2F Stitching Wire is being manufactured in strict accordance with industry highest standards. Our leading position and experience with in-line stitching technology gives us an advantageous position amongst other wire suppliers. 

We know stitching...

Planatol Glue.jpg

PLANATOL® Glue Products

  • Adhesives for the packaging industry

  • Adhesives for the graphic industry

  • Softening agents

  • Adhesives for wood and furniture industry


Spare Parts & Consumables / Igor Heifets
Phone: + 1(215) 208-2458

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We accept all major credit cards  

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