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Solutions for high pressure air humidification for direct in room applications and humidity solutions for integration in ventilation systems.


Solutions to handle media of all kinds of viscosity and consistency. Components for the automation filling, emptying, conveying, recirculation, dosing & formulation

Planatol Smart Gluing

Planatol System is the leading manufacturers of fold-gluing systems for rotary printing. All over the globe millions of brochures, periodicals and magazines are glued with help of CombiJet systems for longitudinal and cross-web gluing - at high precision and speed. 

Planatol Smart Gluing

High-quality adhesives for perfect binding, fold gluing, coating, pressure-sensitive and PUR adhesive bondings.

Adhesives for packaging solutions.

Adhesives for wood and furniture making.

Tolerans In-Line Stitching

Tolerans is  leading supplier for in-line stitching technology for newspapers and commercial printing. The state-of-the-art technology  can be installed in almost any kind of web press and run at full production speed.

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MWM Print 365 is a modular system platform for pre-calculations, estimating, quoting, customer communication, production planning, press and mailroom tracking, invoicing, profit analysis and automated reporting.


Print2Finish (P2F) markets European, American companies serving the newspaper, commercial printing and finishing industries. We are dedicated to provide value-added products and services that increase client revenue, improve productivity and grow profits.

Our product portfolio provides enhancements to your printing process with revenue generating accessories such as in-line stitching and in-line gluing.

In addition to products that can create markets and generate income P2F also markets technologies that streamline and improve your production quality / processes and bring money back to the bottom-line such as, press quality management systems.

Our press technology enhancements are supported with post-press added-value processes with Conveying, Trimming, Stacking and Palletizing Systems as well as Laminating and UV Coating Systems for the finishing department.

Our newly created division P2F-Humidification specializes in advanced humidity control systems for large variety of production facilities.


Our comprehensive product portfolio makes our company a one stop source for innovative system solutions.


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